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Indonesian Election 2014: Vote or Not To Vote

Realcount calculations have recently concluded by Indonesian Election committee (KPU) and the result PDI-P as the party with the most votes 18.95%. The question who would later become President? Jokowi versus Prabowo? But often people forget the more important questions such as the extent to which the party and elected leaders can bring and ensure our salvation later in the presence of Allah? The extent to which they can bring Indonesian Muslims back into the primary agent of Indonesian & world civilization? Or we are already too pessimistic and apathetic?
After eleven times through six Presidential elections and change, the fact is improvement and change that was promised never came. A dozen times already the election carried out but the public welfare is still only a fantasy. Representatives of the people come and go, each time also our people only used as a commodity. Leaders changed many times but the people always received disappointment and loss.
Indonesian society is heterogeneous and consists of a wide variety of religious, ethnic, racial and cultural, it is make own color for the life of the Indonesian nation. This condition has an impact on the understanding and reasoning diverse community in reviewing various things, such as the democratic system. Society has recently been implementing "Democratic party", this is an activity that is conducted once in five years, to select representatives of the people through elections. Regarding the "democracy" there arose a variety of opinions pro and contra of this system, given the heterogeneous Indonesian society.
According to Anisa Cempaka a college student activist, she said that, "Democracy is only used as a tool or vehicle, if this democracy can enter the values ​​of Islam why do not we use?  Indeed, the democracy of the west but if give beneficiaries greater, we can use this system. I have read about the book by Anis Matta  “Gerakan ke Negara” there is not explained specifically what the system should be in use,  democracy could be used as a system, otherwise it depends on the wearer, for example if the wearer is not good , democracy would be bad, but the implement  of democracy  the good people will be good too ".
Another opinion is that support democracy came from a college student activist of musical ballads and fairy tales, Agie gymafara, he said that, “Democracy let people be people, so fine. Moreover the democracy provides and protects grassroots”. On the outside of some people argue on the democratic system rejects it as it is expressed by Rini, a college student activist also, she said that “Democracy has rules derived from human, but  Islam has rules being sourced from Allah. Here it is clear that significant differences, democracy doesn’t deserve to be the system, I don’t agree to democracy or I can say that democracy is not feasible in Indonesia. I think democracy is a good system from a bad system, but there is a much better system, it is Islamic system.”
Statements of each group who believe differently to the democracy of course is based on the reasonable grounds, such as those who believe democracy is only used as a tool, not the other refers to the situation of today's society, among many ordinary people who don’t understand the system of Islam, for that we cannot radically implement Islamic system, another alternative is needed that is able to implement the values ​​of Islam are slowly, democracy is used as a tool towards the noble goal of "Enforce Islam Rahmatanlilalamin". However, people who are adamant to the Islamic system never look another law than the law of Allah is much better and Islamic system has triumphed over the 14 century, besides imitate Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h attitude exemplifies everything that has been good in terms of education, social, legal and other, besides imitate Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h attitude exemplifies everything that has been good in terms of education, social, legal and other.  And cling to prophetic manhaj make Islam to be the only rule.
It is no doubt that the Qur'an are used as guidelines Islamic system is the law of God which cannot be equated with human law but the existence of a democratic system, capable of making a real proof of our work on the community to contribute and take part in determining the policies issued by the government, through parliament fields.  Once again that democracy only used as a tool towards enforce the ideals of Islam on earth Allah especially Indonesia, which is the vehicle will be a little instill Islamic values.
Differences of opinion on this democracy, of course, impact to abstentions  who remain a number of concerns in every election for some people who still choose them more aware of the Islamic system, abstentions are allowed on the grounds of a different mindset or different ideologies, but for others, abstentions  is seen as a very sad thing this may occur because abstentions despair because there is no figure of Indonesian leaders much better, look at the number of officials caught for corruption.  Nevertheless these  non-voters who should be given the approach and understanding on good terms, that the non-voters would not provide the best solution for Indonesia.
Regardless of any understanding of democracy and dissent, as Indonesia's young generation, must be willing to have the desire and contribution to Indonesia's much better as dictated Anisa Cempaka, " I am now active in the organization of the movement, then my contribution to Indonesia could criticize government policies if it is less pro-people we can criticize example with action. As well, I have joined Action Fuel 2012, and  this action was not in vain because he fuel is not so increased, professionalism and God willing, become a teacher, I would like to provide  level intellectual.”
In contrast to Anisa, a musical activist ballads and fairy,  Agy gyma said that, “My contribution to music in Indonesia, although in my music the theme of fairy tales or stories or lifting a long tradition, which from there is not just music but can give advice or more values ​​to the people”, and  Rini said that “I contribute to implement and trying to spread slam, through preaching, besides make regular review about Islam , and muhasabah to the public.

What if we change the question? Islam as a solution from God, Has God has shown us a way to establish it in the best way according to Him? Of course base on the Quran, the Sunna and Sirah (History). Maybe we could take a lesson from the placement of one of prophet companions Ibn Abbas ra by Prophet in Darun-Nadwah (read: Parliament of Mecca). Prophet asked him to not declare his convert to Islam in order to gather information from prominent person of the Quraish. There are at least two lessons we can take that; First that its okay we put people in parliament as long as has clear purpose and assigned by Islam leader/Imam, which is the second major scenario remains the Prophet of Islam to establish and build Islamic system from outside the existing system. No matter what we choose, we should not blame each other. Even if Muslims disagree, we are encouraged to argue with wisdom and good way. A believer and a Muslim should always make the establishment of Islam as Rahmatan lil aalamin as his ideals.

June 2014. Inspiring Islam team. From many sources.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cut The Path

Guard your gaze

"Oh God, Ya Allah please give me strength to guard my gaze and the power to be grateful for your blessings, especially blessing of my eyes. Please make me a grateful person as a grateful of a blind person that You give back their vision. Aaameeennn."

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Rahiim

Wala taqarabuz zinna. Innaka fahisayatan wasa’assabiila à every sin is a path, one path lead to another, syaithon is very good and patient about this. So the only way is à we have to cut the path, cut the habit & cut anything & any condition that will lead us to the sin every time!! Make ourself to become far away from the bad path & replace it with a good path.

Create a good habit, hangout with good & pious people, get away for useless thing, conversation and even friend if we not sure we can avoid the sin.

How we can save others if we are drowning ourself? In Surah Al Ashr first & foremost is ourselves to have imaan (concious & belief) & amaalush sholihat (good deeds) first before we can tell other to do good deeds also.

First sin is from the eyes and everything goes from there. So, must guard your eyes.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Lessons from Chasing Mavericks

Fear sometimes is a good thing.

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Rahiim

Chasing Mavericks, great epic movie and I have to say almost as good as shawshank redemption. Its one of the few movie that can teaches us about life and appreciating it. It touched us in a way that is very settle and natural.

One of the scene I remember is when Frosty (the teacher) give advise to Jay (apprentice) after went up from a thrilling dive with uninvited sharks. Frosty said to Freaked out Jay that is different between fear and panic. Fear in someway is good for us but panicking will make us dead, also applied  general in life itself.

Islam teaches us to have balance between fear & hope. And we are obligated to give our fear & hope only to Allah. This attitude actually will make every person achieve true freedom and indepence, because nothing they will fear except to God and nothing they will give hope except only to God. No woman, man, money, wealth, power and so on that will drive them and become their aspiration.

Sahih International
Your ally is none but Allah and [therefore] His Messenger and those who have believed - those who establish prayer and give zakah, and they bow [in worship]. (Al Maidah 5:55)

Sahih International
And whoever is an ally of Allah and His Messenger and those who have believed - indeed, the party of Allah - they will be the predominant. (Al Maidah 5:56)

Sahih International
And Allah is most knowing of your enemies; and sufficient is Allah as an ally, and sufficient is Allah as a helper (An Nisaa 4: 45).

Sahih International
No, it is Him [alone] you would invoke, and He would remove that for which you invoked Him if He willed, and you would forget what you associate [with Him]. (Al An'am 6:41)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Unconditional Love

Islam teaches us to have a very high respect to our parent especially our mother.
"A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘OMessenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet said: Your mother. The man said, ‘Then who?' The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then who?' The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?' The Prophet said: Then your father. "(Bukhari, Muslim).

Below is an article from that I tried to translate to english, hope will benefit all. Aaameennn.

About Love, Episode: Eternal Love

 “Mom, what are they, twinkling above...?” my index finger pointed to the sky,
 “They are called stars, son, one of amazing  creatures of Allah,” Mom explained perfectly and wisely.
I knew it, I was slightly more than two years old that time. An age in which I wanted to know about everything and sought for 1000 questiosn from anyone on things I newly seen. And Mom, she’s the most patient person in answering all of the questions. Although I never satisfied, I was pretty sure that time that Mama knew everything.

Since that night, I often stood up behind the house looking up to the sky watching millions of twinkling stars, and Mom was always accompanying me. I remember that Mom was in difficulty trying to find the answer when I asked whether the stars have a name. Smartly, Mom explained that stars are like us, human. If human has a name, then stars also have a name.

 “That star over there, what’s its name, Mom..?
Her forehead corrugated, her brain tried to find an answer. Until finally, “Ooh, that star I know its name, it’s my star since it’s name is exactly this my daughter’s name too...” Her hug was so warm. No one could do it except Mom. That time I thought Mom only carried out her responsibility as a parent to accompany and make me happy.

The following days, when nights came, Mama already knew that before my sleeping time, I would always take her to look up at the sky. Because I was more happy after mom told me that name of the star I had pointed to was my name too. However, in a day mom dissapointed me because she couldn’t accompany me. Mom got sick, said Dad.

I cried, since that night I wasn’t intended to ask Mom not only to accompany me like she had done at the previous nights. I also wanted Mom to bring me the stars home. I want them to be my friends in playing, so I didn’t have to be sad when mom was taking me to ge into the home back

But Mom still couldn’t help me.  She couldn’t sit together with me at the backyard, feeling the touch of  the soft wind, enjoying the peaceful night, and smiling to the moon, whatmore brought me the stars, Until the last night, I was still dissapointed. At the night, I didn’t want to eat, so that my sick Mom had to force herself to sing a love song to accompany me sleeping.  The latter I thought too was a parent’s obligation, singing a song to accompany her son sleeping.

The following day I got cold because at the previous night I didn’t want to eat after had been in the backyard for hours “playing” with stars. Although she was little worried, Mom didn’t got panic. Mom’s warm touch  rubbed special ingredient around my small body. After two days, my cold wasn’t dissapear although Mom had taken me to a doctor.

Mom get panic. My body’s heat got higher and I often talked in my sleep. But in the sleeptalking Mom found out the best medicine to cure me (until this point, I still thought that finding cures, healing one’s children are merely a parent’s obligation)...


I didn’t know what Mom had done. After sleeping for hours, I woke up and I got surprised, almost not believing what I saw in the my room’s ceiling. had made me stars out of metallic papers. There were a lot of them, tens or may be hundreds of them. Some of them were hung, some others scattered around in my bed and the floor. I kissed mom for bringing me home the stars from the sky. And mom was right, I see that each of the stars had a name. One of them, the biggest and most beautiful star, named by Mom  after my name.


That mama’s son often looking up to the stars in the past is now an adult. I have lived independently. But I am still my mom’s son. Yesterday, I called mom to tell her that I wasn’t healthy and not going to the office. Some hours later, accompanied by dad and one of my little brothers, Mom came. I am still Mom’s star, she let my head rested on her shoulder. She hugged me. I felt again  the warmness till I slept
At the afternoon, Mom intended to go home. Actually I wanted Mom to stay for some days, but my little brother whispered, “When you called her, actually she was sick too...”
A tear dropped from my eye. I didn’t know what to say. That time. I realized one thing. All those mom had done for me are not obligations. They are called love, an eternal love. A love that I can’t never pay break. And Mom is a real star to me. (Bayu Gawtama)

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to Become a Good Parent in This Era

A picture is worth a thousand words. I think in some way this is also comply to our children. Most of the time an example is more valuable than our words to them. If we want our children to be good, then first and foremost we have to be good first. Below is a great article that I translated from, hope you all can benefit from it. Aaamiiinn...

Teach your kids fall in love to the mosque, and then Paradise will come to you!
eramuslim - Certainly, every parents dreams their children to be soleh/solehah (Pious): regularly read Al-Quran, obey their parents and consistence in worship, especially salat. In addition, when their kids are prefer to go to mosque for salat al-jama'ah (congregational prayers), their parent must be proud and happy. On the other hand, is that dreams already aligned to their activity treated to their children? This question should be answers honestly by every parent.

One of Islamic principles is emphasize on attitude of consistency. That is to say that, a Muslim should have a correlation between what they believe in their heart to their statement and their behavior. Where in Ash-Shaff verse 2, Allah 'Azza wa Jalla (Glorious and Exalted), remind us; "O ye who believe! Why say ye that which ye do not?. Grievously odious is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not."

If this message attach to our children education, then the parents should be a pioneer in kindness on their family. Where, our attitude and behavior will be a reference figure to all our family members. It should strange that, if a father asked his children to go to mosque for salat al-jama'ah but he is calmly sitting and watching a television. Then, it has becomes a requirement to the head of family (read: father) to owned a leadership credibility that should be references figured by every parts of family member.

In other words, parent should have a moral credibility and works on righteousness. What we mean by moral credibility is, parent should be able demonstrated an example of goods moral, such as: honesty in words, low-tempered, gentle, easy to forgive, and Islamic-dressed.
Additionally, moral credibility is demonstrated highly by a mu'min (believer) during their activity, wether in their office and/or at their home. They should do frequent good deeds in form of ibadah mahdhah (dealings between God and man or such religious rites) and ghoiru mahdhoh (dealings between men), for example, a husband who conveniently helping his wife activity when he has opportunity. Another sample of moral credibility are paying attention and handy to any problems of their house and also its environment clean & tidiness. Additionally, the head of household certainly should be able a figure of a servant of it master, Allah SWT, loyal in His order. It should be better that way; a head of household is a main precedent in maintaining Islamic deeds for all family members.

In the context of salat, parent should be able to be a pioneer in creating atmosphere of salat in their family. Ask the children to be inured to go to the mosque; even when they are still in a childhood which usually is not being able orderly in salat. But it should be perform frequently and continuously. We should not be a-weary to give a good figure and ask them to go to mosque, particularly for salat. If we continuously ask our children to the mosque, one times they will be familiar going to the mosque and established salat al-jama'ah, orderly, independently,  Insya Allah (God willing).

Now, the problem is, how can we make our children easy to going and falling in love to the mosque? Before we are continue farther, we should be read below hadith:
Narated by Jabir ibn Samurah ra:I prayed along with Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) the first prayer. He then went to his family and I also went along with him when he met some children (on the way). He began to pat the cheeks of each one of them. He also patted my cheek and I experienced a coolness or a fragrance of his hand as if it had been brought out from the scent bag of a perfumer.”     (Sahih Muslim Hadith)

The hadith explained that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) welcomed warmly and kindness to the children who comes for salat al-jama'ah in the mosque. Jabir ibn Samurah is one of a Companions child who treated tenderly by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Moreover, Jabir fells softly to the wipe of cold and scented Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) hands.

The hadith above explained us, how The Companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) enthusiasm trained their kids to be falling in love to the mosque, by familiarization to do salat al-jama'ah in the mosque imam/lead by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). By providing those practical exercises, the children will delight in do Islamic deeds.

In fact, we are capable in follows practical method to children education, as demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and The Companions, particularly in training our children habit in perform salat al-jama'ah in the mosque. One of the tips is, we should ask them earlier to go together with us to the mosque for salat al-jama'ah. Because this is a great opportunity in educating our children in love to the mosque, during their childhood period. Moreover for the parents who are bustle on their job outside their home.

By all means, this activity should be act continuously, not only once or two times only. Since, it must be different when we can explained to the children how to turn off/on the radio once or two times with practical example only once or two times. But we are on the way on practice our children in applying good-will Allah SWT by habitual practice.

This good-will is unlimited by time, but it should be act consistent and continuously until the end of our life. Ulama/scholar state that; "Teach your kids fall in love to the mosque, and then Janna (Paradise) will come to you” Let's bring our kids to the mosque! (sulthoni)

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